Saturday, 17 July 2010

On one of the greatest films ever made

Nolan has made his masterpiece. This summer's biggest film that isn't made by Pixar, Inception follows the Nolan formula of complex, intricate plotting and imaginative methods of storytelling that made films like Insomnia and Memento (another of my favourite films of all time) such comeplling, amazing pieces of art. And make no mistake, this movie is a piece of art. Beautifully crafted, expertly acted, there are no faults here whatsoever. For those who don't know (incoming plot details, turn away if you don't want to know) Leo DiCaprio plays a man who has mastered the art of cracking into a person's mind via their dreams and stealing all their secrets. Unfortunately, his own subconscious has started to interfere with his missions (in the form of his dead wife, the gorgeous Marion Coullitard) and really starts to throw a wrench in the works while on his most dangerous mission yet: planting (rather than stealing) an idea in the head of a young soon-to-be CEO of an energy company, played by Cillian Murphy.

Of course, the beauty of using dreamscapes in cinema is the ability to depict absolutely anything you like and have it make sense. This leads to some incredibly specatacular set pieces, such as a fist fight in zero gravity and a snowmobile chase. All the fireworks and stunts never detract from the acting and characterization however and in this respect, Inception is truly a film with everything: alongside your action you have another sterling performance by DiCaprio, stellar supporting turns by both Joseph Gordon Lovett and Tom Hardy and a surprisingly brilliant leading turn by Ellen Page in her best performance since Juno.

Make no mistake, this is the best film Nolan has ever made and it goes to show that along with this, another two of his films (The Dark Knight and Memento) are in my ten favourite films of all time. Inception is undeniably Oscar-bound and if Nolan can top this with future films, then those films will be a sight to see

Until my next trip to the cinema,

Captain Mark ;)

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