Wednesday, 14 July 2010

On fixed guitars, Sonisphere festivals and some upcoming karaoke...

Just thought I'd let you all in on a bit of news: my gorgeous, lovely Fender Telecaster is now fixed. After like, a year or so. I just always had something else a bit more pressing I had to spend money on! Anyways, now I have my sweet sweet tone back, I'm indulging in something I've seen done elsewhere: bandeoke. As in, karaoke, but with a live band. I test run it at an upcoming private function (my own incredinly delayed housewarming party) and hopefully will be taking it to pubs and clubs around Essex and London soon enough.

Anyways, Sonisphere is just around the corner and my tickets have arrived, great success. I will probably have some kind of report on the action and unlike Download, will end up seeing absolutely everything I want to see with no compromises because I'm only going with one other person who wants to see all the same stuff as well.

Signing off,

Cap'n Mark

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