Thursday, 1 July 2010

Doctor WHAT?!

AH! I hear you gasp, a new post, so soon? But you're crushing all my expections of your fine self as a lazy yet loveable writer! But today, something as been splashed around the Internet which has driven me to my keyboard of contempt. And that is my beloved Doctor.

Reported on multiple websites, including MTV News, is that a Hollywood Doctor Who feature film is in the works. Even bigger news, Johnny Depp has apparently signed a deal to play the Doctor. Gad-zooks! Soooooo, here's where I stand. If you even care.

Russell T. Davies is apparently back at the helm for the film version. I'm acclimatised to Moffat now! He has fundementally changed the way the show works for the better and to go back to the old style will be somewhat jarring.

And of course we have the obvious problem: Matt Smith is the Doctor! And the best damned Doctor we've had since Tom Baker! Unless they actually write next season so that Smith regenerates into Depp at the end to lead into the film, it won't work! And if they DO end up doing that, we lose Smith before he may have wanted to bow out! I should imagine paying Depp for a two minute appearence at the end of next season's finale would destroy their budget too.

Anyways, this might be a hoax, or it could fall short, I'm apprehensive. Extremely apprehensive. Some fans might love the idea, most fans probably hate the idea of the Americans doing what they do best and Americanising everything, which is a whole other argument to get into. I'm pretty sure homegrown U.S. creative properties (or creative properties from any other country for that matter) aren't adapted and made more English when they reach our shores. Why on Earth do the Americans do the same? Is it any wonder the American population has the lowest international awareness on the planet? Anyways, I'm done ranting. RTD is a fine writer and I love the man for bringing Who back and doing it successfully. Johnny Depp is a fine actor and has starred in most of my all time favourite films. But you could kill off American interest that Moffat and co are currently working so hard to build (this series has just launched on BBC America within the past few weeks) Think about it!

Signing off,

Capn' Mark

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