Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I thought I'd start this thing to have a means with which to excercise my writing muscles. I'll probably be doing the odd film review, game review and other inspired nattering about the weirdness that often pervades my life. Such as my possible upcoming permanent writing job, writing for Front magazine of all things. The first month is expenses paid only, but I get to review gigs and interview models. Oh woe is me. As I write this, that ridiculous Burger King advert for their new chicken burger is on the telly...iti doesn't make any sense! Surely, the cow would be happy that s/he (for I am not sexiest towards any females, animal, mineral or plant :P) is not going to get slaughtered, chopped up, dipped in grease and grilled stupid to feed some fat American. See, I'd have had some kind of cow-lead victory parade for the advert instead...just makes more sense. They've also missed a trick there, they could have then bought out a beef burger at the same time and did a Bugs Bunny inspired 'Rabbit Season/Duck Season' series of adverts, complete with a dumb hunter fooled by the signs. Wow, that was an awesome tangent...anyways, until later

Hari Krishna!

Captain Mark